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Getting ready to go to NAMM!! YEAH!

I’m getting ready to go to NAMM!

I am so excited!

I can’t even believe that the schedule that I have set for me. It’s going be so much fun.

I have literally taking out half of my wardrobe! (Wink, wink! How could I possibly take half of my wardrobe, that I am taking a lot!)

Literally taking 20 pairs of shoes!

90% of which are scrappy and sexy and are going to kill my feet!

I am scheduled to go to a bunch of different events and affairs!

I can’t even wait to meet all the people that are going to come my way.

Stay tuned, this woman never sleeps.

I am now well and ready to kick some ass!


Belle Karper

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Stay well, my friends!



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Official Finalist Las Vegas Film Festival

Belle Karper - Las Vegas Film Festival

Belle Karper – 2012 Official Finalist Las Vegas Film Festival

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Finalist 2011 10th FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards (1st Round Qualifier — Still in Running)

Finalist 2011 New York City Gotham Film Festival – Final 5th Place Comedy

Top 24 Finalist Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2011

Contest Top 20 Finalist Atlanta PeachTree Film Festival 2011

Top 24 Finalist SkyFest Film Festival 2011

— Announcing “PICKLED TINK” — Screwball Comedy Screenplay! Belle Karper,

— Announcing “MAKING UP WITH MORTELLA” — Dark Comedy about Good and Evil, the magic of MakeUp and the Beauty of the Heart.

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