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So… Now that its been six months… Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding REAL or HOAX?

And, why do you feel that way?



Donna Summer dead at 63… Cancer… She WAS the queen of Disco. xoxo Belle

Evidently Jennifer Aniston + Justin Theroux are falling apart. Jealousy, taunts, fights. Good thing I believe everything I read in STAR Mag.

When one door closes… another door opens, but the hallways are really freaking long. 😉 Belle http://www.BelleKarper.coom

I woke up to a cat feeding a dolphin on t.v…. What’s this world coming to? Where’s my freaking remote? xoxo Belle

Who reads traditional romances? There’s no right or wrong answer… 🙂

Kanye West now has nothing to rap about except marrying Kim Kardashian? Hello? A new song about pimps and hos? Can’t have too many of those!