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All I Need . . . Poet A B C’s

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So, it goes like this . . .


All I need is here in this

Boy’s smile. He

Cures me and quiets the 

Devil that resides within me.

Evening itself inside me. Resolving the tension, though the string is taut and fragile.

Friend or foe, he

Guides me. For

He knows me, and loves me rightly. Little does he know the weight of that affection.

It lies inside him. Throbbing with pain or hope, he cannot define it. Nor does he want to.

Jaded, my light shines upon him.

Kind his eyes are, though

Lowly they look. Shy and tentative.

Mindful, he feels he

Needs to soothe me. To move me. Though I am already moved.

Overwhelmed by his honesty.

Pitiful I lie there. A

Queen is how he sees me. A somewhat inaccurate reality.

Restful he finds me, though I am fitfull in my 

Sleep. He dreams of better 

Times, while I just lie there and dream. Happiness runs round the room, and we corner it as if by chance.  

Under the wake of our history of life and


Will love be enough to

Xist in this kind of life? With my kind of battle marks?

Yet, he waits for me to catch up to him.

Zany love is all that I can give him. 

          Will it be enough for a life of time? 

                    For a real kind in all ways?


Be well,


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