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Shhh . . . Muggles . . . (pic)

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So, it goes like this . . .



We’re going snipe hunting.

Well, sort of . . . So be quiet.

Watch out for muggles, you know.

Well, if you haven’t guessed yet we are hunting for geo caches again. We went for a wild ride today from the top of Mammoth. Went on “SHOTGUN” and rode The Wall and The Log. My husband rode down “FLOW,” but frankly, that one is too aggressive for me. No biggie, I have a lot that I have to accomplish in this life. No sense in using it up in Mammoth, right?

So, yes, we are hunting.

We finally got the correct handheld GPS unit — we bought a Garmin Oregon 300. We bought an extra card for the dang thing, and then the topography maps . . . And let’s just say that this little “Free Adventure” of Geo caching has now cost us over $500 in equipment.

No problem.

If it gets us out and doing something other than what we normally do, then it is money well spent.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I decided to use the new Garmin GPS unit the first time with my son. We were excited because we just got it in the mail and had a hankering to find some geo treasure.

It was around noon, in Calabasas, 109 degrees out, no breeze, and we happen to all be wearing black.

No shade. No hats. No patience.

Let’s just say that it is a wonder that our geo caching experience that day didn’t end in familial bloodshed.

We found two geo caches, combined with a never ending eloquent arsenal of verbal attacks on each other in general pool foul spirits.

Weather really can be a deciding factor as to the success of a day, I am convinced.

However, today, it was just my husband and I in the mountains of Mammoth. A perky 60 degrees, combined with an arching afternoon sun shedding shadows of old-growth pine tree shade upon our path. Pleasant breeze. Yes. This geo caching day had all the perfect elements for success.

So . . . . Shhhhh . . . Muggles, you know.

I sound like a goof saying that . . . By that IS the lingo, baby.

When in Rome . . .

So, we walk around as if we are hiking. We are walking to the left, and then to the right — in a zag-zag direction because the arrow on our Garmin GPS keeps pointing east, west, north, south. Practically going in circles this way and that.

Yeah, right. We look like normal hikers . . . Idiot hikers.

“Is there a hint?” I ask my husband.

And he reads from the Garmin, “ . . . under a log.”

So there we are, putting our hands and feet under a log out in the wilderness.

Hello-o? Does the word snake mean anything to anybody?

Evidently, when geo caching . . . one is fearless . . . And stupid.

I am going from log to log, poking my head and hands under every open spot.

Have I lost my city-freaking mind? Is this the yellow-brick road? Bugs, spiders, and snakes, oh my!

So, I am bent over with my thonged ass held high in the air when my husband calls to me, covertly silent in a commanding tone, “HONEY… over here.”

I look, up.

We make eye contact.

He nods.

No words.

Muggles, you know.

I look around to make sure that I haven’t been spotted. I’m clear.

I sprint over to my husband and he points under the log that I had been looking under first, “How did I miss that?” I asked.

“I was just looking for something unnatural.” Like the way we are “hiking” wasn’t unnatural enough?

I look around again.


Muggles, right? You’re learning.

I pull the canister out and I can’t believe how huge it is! Full of all kinds of geo treasure!


We smile as one. Geo cache sneakies, yes we are!

We are stupidly giddy with our find. Giggle, giggle. Take a treasure, leave a treasure! So fricking fun.

We sign the sheet and date it!

Belle Karper — that’s our “geo name.”

Quickly, we lock it back and hide it once again.

Muggles, you know.

If you are out geo caching, and you see it signed by Belle Karper . . . Well yes, that is one of our finds!

Take care of it so that it will be fun for the next geo treasure seeker!


Shhhh . . . Muggles, you know.

Shhhh . . . Muggles, you know.


Y’all come back now, Y’hear?

Be well,


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S. Belle Karper -- Author & Speaker

Our First Geo Cache Entry . . . Anybody Else Out There?

Okay, this is Belle Karper talking. You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m an author, and well . . . it’s what I do.

I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath. Hurry up, I don’t have all day, baby!

I may have been lame all these years, unknowing that this alter-universe has existed beneath my Southern nose. And, yesterday, on the way into Chicago from Indianapolis, my son and I decided to try this Geo Cache thing.

We did a 1/1, whatever that means, I think it means “EASY.”

Well, we looked at looked at Coxhall Park—A different 1/1, and finally gave up. UGH.

Not so easy for a mother of two spinning downward on a sugar plummet.

Really . . . not pretty.

However, determined we were going to master this little adventure, we promptly drove over to Target and bought a $250 hand held GPS unit. Far be it from me to have something get the best of me. We also bought a PayDay bar to help my glucose level . . . and my attitude.

I digress.

In any event, we loaded the coordinates of “SHAPE UP”, and drove over to meet said coordinates.

Well, once again, we are looking and looking. While simultaneously afraid of getting a vagrancy ticket by a circling police car, we finally sat down to rest.

My son, (brilliant, and he is as beautiful as vanilla ice cream on pecan pie), suggested that we look under . . . (Well, sugar, I just can’t tell you where we looked now, or it would give the whole thing away, now wouldn’t it. But, good for you for trying!)

And, well . . . we looked . . . AND Aaaaah!

I have got to tell you that we almost peed our pants with excitement when we found our first Geo Cache!

Now there was this little ghosty-thing in it, and we have safely tucked it away so that it can get some frequent flyers miles via American Airlines on its way back to Los Angeles. We don’t know how to track it yet, but my son is busy working on that.

We are going to let it go in a future Geo Cache in big, bad L.A.

Now, let me also tell you that my son has the Geo Cache bug . . . BAD.

Thanks a lot, GeoC.

Am I in trouble or what?

Digging this whole new experience!

Consider us bitten.


Be well,


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S. Belle Karper, Author, Speaker
THE WIDOW WEARS BLACK – An Edgy Memoir from an Outspoken Survivor
Check out S. Belle Karper’s – Beauties and Beasts – Blog! Baby! Blog!
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S. Belle Karper