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NAMM! NAMM! NAMM! Hot Damn! — Day 1 (Pics)

NAMM was an incredible success!

I got tons of opportunities to talk about my upcoming books and potential screenplays and I have serious interest and participation!

So, enough talk…

Let’s get on with the pictures!


We’ll just open with a darn good picture of Cliff Williams, AC/DC and me!

But let’s back track a little!

Here’s me — too excited and getting ready!


The show started


on Thursday, but I happen to get there on Wednesday so that I could get all checked in and ready for the next day’s events.


In front of the big stage where the Legends concert will be Friday night.

I just couldn’t wait!Over 35 artists from legendary bands like The Motels, Three Dog Night, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Maiden, Asia, Yes, Bad Company, BB King, Quiet Riot and more!

Did you know that this is the NAMM’s 7th annual living legends concert? I just hope it doesn’t rain!

Let it be known, that the (non-convention) hotel events start on Wednesday and serious partying begins immediately!


And, of course…


The shoes!

Everyone including artists, execs, videographers, photographers, manufacturers… Literally everybody that makes the music industry come together are here under this one roof!


I can’t wait for tomorrow’s pics!! 😉

So, we’ll just say… There’s nothing to be any mountain biking for me today!


Belle Karper

BelleKarper-AuthorSpeaker7.jpg picture by bellekarper

Stay well, my friends!



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