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I can’t tell what a week it has been.

It was incredible.

But, not in a good way.

I just got out of the hospital for a severe gastrointestinal bacteria infection.

Not the flu.


Like little bugs, one gets in and they multiply at such a rapid rate, and your body is trying to expel it– too scary.

It was so severe, and unrelenting, that literally there was a moment when I thought it was gonna be like the Muppets man, Jim Henson. He had a gastrointestinal infection, and if he would have just gone into the hospital for antibiotics he would never died.

So, as my natural exfiltration of both ends is me was going on for hours and hours and hours, it seemed like the only thing to do was to go to the ER.

I have never been so sick in my entire life.

And, as I lied on the hospital bed, I was so grateful for technology and antibiotics. I thought to myself–

What do people do before antibiotics?


That sucks, man.

Seriously sucks.

I was advised by the doctors, however, that this was something that I must’ve picked up in a PUBLIC AREA.


Holding onto a grocery cart…

Touching a bathroom door…

Pressing an elevator button… You name it.


I always thought that if I didn’t use all of antibacterial soaps, and just used regular soap, that it would build my immunity system to fight off just regular types of bacteria.

However… This was not a regular type of bacteria.

It’s called or fecal oral rabid transmission.

Let me repeat that… (If you can stomach it, literally!)




So as I was laying in the hospital bed, after they admitted me from ER, I was rethinking my life and how I might change some of my day-to-day processes.

That is totally F-ed!

Just because somebody out in the public, I can’t seem to keep their hands and body clean, and spread their sickly germs all over the place — I had to face God.

And trust me, I did.

So near to tell you, when you see those people wearing gloves out in public and those little facemasks, I don’t think it’s going to be me. But I totally understand now, why they wear those things.

Because getting seriously ill is scary.

I don’t want my life to change too much, just because I had this extreme infection.

I don’t want to be a prisoner, trying to keep myself away from germs.

But honestly,

I’m gonna think twice about where I touch. If my elbow can hit the elevator button, that’s what my elbow’s going to do.

No biggie. Just enough to keep me well.

So after those two glorious days in the hospital, plus all the hours that I spent in ER, let this be a lesson to all of us:

– to wash our hands

– to be careful where we touch

– don’t touch your face eyes and nose more than you need to. Those are main spots where germs get in

– don’t use my makeup at the makeup counters, you don’t know who’s been there before

Plus, this is a horrible flu season… All these things may keep us healthier.

I’m still on antibiotics, and I am TRULY GRATEFUL FOR THEM.

Stay well, my friends!

Love is out there, but so are seriously freaky germs.



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