“Act of Valor” Director, Cinematographer and Writer meet Belle Karper

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(Save it, Baby! Count me in!)

So, it goes like this . . .

Yeah, Baby!

You read right!

I met the BIG guys of ACT OF VALOR!

So, I thought it appropriate to write this bit on the morning of their opening.

Yes, boys and girls, get your tickets ready! ACT OF VALOR opens Tonight!

Belle Karper and "Act of Valor" Writer, Kurt Johnstad

Belle Karper and "Act of Valor" Writer, Kurt Johnstad

This is Kurt Johnstad.

You know him even though you think yoou don’t…

He wrote:


True Vengeance

Body Snatchers…

The list goes on.

Next up… Shane Hurlbut, Cinematographer (always hate spelling that word!)

Belle Karper with "Act of Valor" Shane Hurlburt, Cinematographer

Belle Karper with "Act of Valor" Shane Hurlburt, Cinematographer

Here is another good dude!

Yes. Got you again. This guy has been around.

Terminator Salvation

Swing Vote


We are Marshal…

And others. Oh yeah!

Now we meet the BMOC!

Director, Scott Waugh

Belle Karper and "Act of Valor" Scott Waugh, Director

Belle Karper and "Act of Valor" Scott Waugh, Director

Okay… so good thing I am happily married, right?

He’s a cutie. But, rest assured that he is married with two beautiful girls, so hands off, okay?

He started in the Entertainment business when he was just a boy… Since his dad was the Original SPIDERMAN!

How many people can say that, yo!

He is most notably known for

Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Not too shabby!

And, he does his own stunts, yeah! Tough guy through and through.

Well, my husbo and son are going to see “Act of Valor” tonight while I go up to Mammoth and get hammered with the girls on our…

Drum roll, please….


And, yes, that did deserve ALL CAPS!



Now… go feed my fish!


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