Annual Silver Bash… Naughty Rules! (Pics)

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So, it goes like this . . .

This is the season, right?


To tie one on…

Get a little wacky.

Pre-Alcohol, yo.

Pre-Alcohol, yo.

Well… you have to start somehwere…

Then we go to the party…

Of course we argued about the directions to get there.

We ARE married. Gosh.

Say Hello to the Hostess... Hello Lisa. Where's the bar?

Say Hello to the Hostess... Hello Lisa. Where's the bar?

So we make the necessary rounds…

Hell-o-o! A girl's gotta eat.

Hell-o-o! A girl's gotta eat.

Drinks and food in hand…

Well, needless to say, we didn’t talk to anyone for about eight minutes…

I had to pound down these delicioso edibles, Jack!

… … …  😉

Now it’s time to mingle and get cozy…

Hello mingles and cozies!

Hello mingles and cozies!

Gotta say hello to some buds…

Hey Buds!

Hey Buds!

Hey more Buds!

Hey more Buds!

Too many freaking Buds... where is the bar again?

Too many freaking Buds... where is the bar again?

Answer Me!

Where’s the bar again?!

Do they keep moving the bar?

Okay now, drink in hand, time to mingle.

A beautiful Animation Director/Producer

A beautiful Animation Director/Producer

Grab a dessert, I mean my husband!

Well he’s yummy, you know.

Met the director of Mulan 2.

Met the director of Mulan 2.

He’s a fiesty, fun man. We kept jumping into other people’s pictures together.

He is better at it than me.

Man, his neck is FAST.

The night grew older, and just before the Gift Exchange/Steal/Knock-Down-Drag-Out began…

My besties had to get a fun picture!

And, No... you CAN'T see my Woo-Woo!

And, No... you CAN'T see my Woo-Woo!

But great legs, huh?

The rest out of that was undocumentable… (is that a word?!)

Happy Holidays All!

Enjoy and Drive Safely.




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