MOFILM First Place Winner, onto Austin, then Barcelona!

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So, it goes like this . . .

I have to tell you that last weekend was incredible!

MOFILM competition sort of fell into my lap last Sunday where well over 100 people came together To make a MOFILM Short Commercial for a hired client.

Sorry, I can tell you who it is.   😉

Do you want to know why?

Because we won FIRST PLACE!

And now we are going on to the competition in Austin at the SXSW level, and then on to Barcelona, Spain!

Hell-0-0 — I hear Barcelona calling me!


Let me tell you how it went…

We showed up at 9 AM at location in Los Angeles

Where at approximately 9:15 we were told who the client was, what they were seeking, and who their market was.

Pretty cool!

But then the work began…

We had to form teams with people we didn’t even know! (Teams of 5 only)

We had to come up with an idea that would capture the client issues and needs

We had to formulate that idea into a script

We had to cast it

We had to go on location

We had to shoot it

Arturo Toledo and I in the shot for our MOFILM victory commercial

Arturo Toledo and I in the shot for our MOFILM victory commercial

We had to come back and edit it



Let’s just say that we, (I and my team of 4 others — Arturo, Bill, Christine, Marilu and myself! AAAAAh!)…



And, I won a Sony Camera… not too shabby!

Stay tuned!



FIRST PLACE WINNER – MOFILM Los Angeles, Next SXSW competition in Austin, then Barcelona, Spain!

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