Entry 5, Chapter 2… Why The Widow Wears Black

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It’s no secret that I am… was… a widow.

This is a thrust story of edgy survival, desperation, wit and humor.

An irreverant look at the death of a husband… my husband… my late husband.

This was then…  Real life.  Real death.

In Why The Widow Wears Black, my Award-Winning Book, will be posted in it’s entirety. This book is dedicated to my children… and their survival… And, to Jim, my new husband. Without their support this book would not have been written.

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This is a True Life Story.


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So, it goes like this . . .

Entry 5, Chapter 2

We sat at a picnic table, eating roasted turkey legs. I only ordered mine so that I could make some silly remark about King Henry VIII, otherwise I hate those nasty things.

He has now eaten down to my least favorite part of the leg.

The tendon. I am sure you know about that one sinewy piece of meat that sits on the end of that giant turkey shank. That one bit of tissue with that attached transparent appendage, half hidden against the bone like a giant rubber hangnail.

Then, just at that moment, when I was staring at that thing, this grizzled blob of useless turkey fiber, my husband’s greased fingers plucked that leg clean with commanding authority, and without any further thought, he shoved it in his mouth.


I wince, as I can see his mouth trying to negotiate this thick rubbery band. I can visualize his teeth almost bouncing off this grizzled spring. Almost as if it is covered with Teflon, it bounces around in his mouth, and, finally, yes finally, thank God that gristle goes down. I swear I could see the bulge in his throat as he swallowed. Yes. I hate those damn leg gristles.

I can’t believe he actually ate it.

Now, looking back . . . since I have the opportunity . . . since I have the time to look back, now . . . the eating was a problem.


… until next time.


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Writer's Digest Award Winner - S. Belle Karper A 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Award Winning Author

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Finalist and 1st Runner-Up in Broad Humor Film Festival Screenwriting Contest

Top 24 Finalist Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2011

Top 20 Finalist Atlanta Film Festival

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