POETIC PROSE: Why The Widow Wears Black… Entry 1, Chapter 2

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It’s no secret that I am… was… a widow.

This is a thrust story of edgy survival, desperation, wit and humor.

An irreverant look at the death of a husband… my husband… my late husband.

This was then…  Real life.  Real death.

In Why The Widow Wears Black, my Award-Winning Book, will be posted in it’s entirety. This book is dedicated to my children… and their survival… And, to Jim, my new husband. Without their support this book would not have been written.

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This is a True Life Story.


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So, it goes like this . . .

Entry 1, Chapter 2

THE CASKET CLOSED with a thud, though I did not hear it.

The gasp could be heard from the next room, but I did not hear that either.

But, I know where my brother Scott is. Yes. And, I know what he is doing. I have an imagination, you know.

Yes. I know what he is doing.

Scott’s propped there, I’m sure. Trembling. Alone with a stranger. An employee of the mortuary. Looking at it – at my husband – at Gabriel – at the body – when he finally sees what is left after the dying part is done.

How long it must have taken my brother to recognize him.

How different dead must look drawn on the face of the person that you knew. Yes, he takes just a little too long to focus on my husband’s leftover parts. Trying to discern the individuality of his nose, questioning the shape of those eyes that were normally seen open, verifying the rounding of his chin. . . .

And, then the jolt. The bam, back into the reality of that face.

That unbreathing face.

Yes. How different dead must look.

Maybe there was just a little too much clarity in that moment.

Poor thing, my brother. He’s probably fumbling and grabbing the employee’s arm as if she’s an able friend. And then . . . finally . . . yes, I’m sure that it was only a nod. Doubtless, Scott squelched a choke when he tried to speak. So yes, I am sure that it was only a nod he gave her. Only a nod of verification.

He takes a breath, to steady himself.


… until next time.


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