POETIC PROSE: Why The Widow Wears Black… Entry 2, Chapter 1

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It’s no secret that I am… was… a widow.

This is a thrust story of edgy survival, desperation, wit and humor.

An irreverant look at the death of a husband… my husband… my late husband.

This was then…  Real life.  Real death.

In Why The Widow Wears Black, my Award-Winning Book, will be posted in it’s entirety. This book is dedicated to my children… and their survival… And, to Jim, my new husband. Without their support this book would not have been written.

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This is a True Life Story.


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So, it goes like this . . .

Entry 2, Chapter 1

I turn the wheel. Tires grind and scrape. Their swivel serves willful on the spot.

Agonizing sounds a car makes when turning without the ease of moving forward.

Turning in position.

Abrupt and insistent.

But, because I turn the wheel, they twist. They have no choice.

So, they have to turn. Grinding against the friction of the still asphalt.

Abraded by the grit of the road. Roughened by the road ahead.

The road ahead…

My foot not ready.

It hovers still.



My jerky movements… scared that I cannot trust them.

I am unsure.


The car pulls forward… as if on its own.

Like the steering wheel and the axle, it turns and has no choice.

We also turn, and have no choice.

Now… we have no choice.

Realization confirmed.

What we’ll turn into . . . this road of exits and accidents, breakdowns and toes tagged by innocent bystanders.

This carpool’s forward.

We stop at red lights. Green, we go.



Emotions burning a hole deep into our family latter.

Nature failed us.

Reclamation premature.

The speed limit is unimportant. An unknown.

And, so we are going, though we do not want to go.

And, so he went, though he did not want to go.


… until next time.


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Writer's Digest Award Winner - S. Belle Karper A 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Award Winning Author

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Finalist and 1st Runner-Up in Broad Humor Film Festival Screenwriting Contest

Top 24 Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2011

Top 20 Atlanta Film Festival

Belle Karper, Award-Winning Author, Screenwriter, Speaker, Humor, Comedy, Suspense, Tragedy www.BelleKarper.com

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