YOU make plans, but LIFE has other arrangements…

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So, it goes like this . . .

This last week has been another lesson in… “YOU make plans, but unknown to you, LIFE has already made other arrangements.”

Last Wednesday, right before I was to leave for a four-day conference, I and my husband took my son out for frozen yogurt. Just a little treat, a little fun, before I was to leave for four days.

So as I am standing there, I noticed something different about my son, and I mention it to him. I joke with him, that maybe he is goofing around with me, and that he should cut it out.

He swears to me that he is just eating his frozen yogurt.

So I look at him, and like I said, he seemed different to me.

We go back to the house, laughing and giggling. I disregarded the prior incident as just being “nothing.”

Then I see the problem again, with my son.  “Honey, cut it out,” I say to him.

“Mom, I’m not doing anything.”

I grab him. I look at him. And I said, “Okay, we are all going to the hospital.”

That is when this difficult journey began… and also the tears.

I would like to tell you what’s going on with my son, but I know that he wants me to keep his privacy.

I’m sure that you understand.

However, we spent the entire Wednesday night into the early hours of the morning in the emergency room.

Of course, I could not go to my four-day conference. My place was with my son.

From that moment on, every single day since last Wednesday, we have spent in hospital rooms, doctors offices, labs, specialists, and we even went to a world-famous Institute that specializes with my son’s current issue.

He has had so many tests now that he is bruised from poking, and probably now glows in the dark from all of the x-rays and x-ray type machines.

Still, we have no definitive answers.

I have cried many tears over this.

I want to help him.

I want to save him.

I want this to be over.

But, like I said, I am waiting to find out what LIFE has in store for us.

I am hopeful.

Please send us your good thoughts.

P.S. —  BTW, the guy that runs/owns the 4-day conference is trying to not let me have a refund even though they offer a 100% money back guarantee… I would love to tell you who this is, but I am waiting for him to do the right thing. He even talks about how his turning point in his life was when his wife got cancer… Right… no compassion.

Curious, isn’t it?

Be well,


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