How Easy is Facebook?!

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So, it goes like this . . .

So for all y’all 33,000 Twitter followers of mine ( @BelleKarper — Let me know your twitter!) — I think it’s time that I share the secret (not really a secret), but the ease of signing up for FACEBOOK.

Now I know that some of you are avid Twitter followers, but it is so much more fun to communicate on Facebook because you can use so many more letters!

Like way more than 140…

First, you just go to the link here that I have for FACEBOOK and you type in your name, your e-mail, and give yourself a password.

Here’s where the scary part fits in for some people… you have to put in your birthdate.


I know… I was bothered at first.

I mean… I am a woman, and am entitled to lie about my age, right?

Well, get your panties out of a wad.

Nobody does anything with this information and frankly when you set up your profile page you get to choose whether you want your birthday to be public information or not.

So… don’t be afraid of putting in the real date!

The fun part of putting in your birthday is that it notifies all the people who are your “friends” when your birthday is, and then you get a whole bunch of birthday messages from all your buddies.

So fun, huh?

Now once you get your account, you can fill out your profile… or not.

You can put in your picture… or not.

But, what you really need to do is put in a friend request for ” Belle Karper !”

Now, that’s not too difficult is it?

You can follow my Blog — Belle Karper’s Beauties and Beasts (I almost wrote Bastards there!! Ha!)

And, then click into my fan page!

You don’t even need to reveal too much, just friend me and then we can talk more over Facebook.

I’m digging it!

And… we can play Farmville together.

You can be my neighbor!

I’ve got an awesome farm — due to my son! He’s my Farmville Prince!

Be well,


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