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So, it goes like this . . .



One of my favorite memories of my childhood is opening a new box of crayons.

The green and golden rod box — a cube of 64 creators sitting there at my call.

They stand at pointed salute as I pinch the corners of the box and tilt back the angular lid to reveal my new bought treasures.

As I open it, a fragrant cloud of Crayola scents stick in my mind.

I take a deep breath of them.

Nothing smells like a new box of crayons.


And let’s just say, that nothing in life is ever as beautifully organized as those cascading colored markers… standing row after row.

I remember… the moment of silence I always gave them before I put my hand into choose the first one.

I knew that once I used it, the pristine myth of this waxed rainbow would be forever marred.

Just like the dent on the new car… it will never be new again.

Yes… even in my youth, I understood the magic of the Crayola box, and gave it worthy audience.

So, I took all of those 64 friends…

Where are we going today?

I have a blank piece of paper and only 1,000,001 thoughts in my head.

Yes… and who shall be first? Who gets the honor of my first stroke?

But, that honor comes with a price, you know.

You’ll never be the same when I’m done with you…

However remember, that with the change of my crayon comes the beauty of the new creation on my paper.

A page of cellophaned candy canes…

Another of cherry lollipops and ballerina toe shoes…

A colorful creation of flowers in my garden…

My mother asked me, “Honey, you have drawn such beautiful flowers here in your garden, but some of them… did you not have time to finish your picture in kindergarten class?”

“Why, Mommy?”

“Because next to your flowers, some of them are just sticks with little leaves on them. Why in your garden did you draw only sticks rising up next to your beautiful flowers?”

“Because Mommy,” I said looking back at my paper, “those are the flowers that I have already picked…”

Magical Color Creators of my Youth

Magical Color Creators of my Youth

Be well,


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