Dead Squirrel Mystery…

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So, it goes like this . . .


Hello everybody!

Today is a beautiful day today.

The people across the street have moved out.


I don’t think that too many people are gonna miss them because a squirrel that had been run over by a car and had previously been sitting in the middle the road, wound up dead center in their driveway, and has been sitting there for a few days.

Now unless dead squirrels reanimate and are able to levitate themselves to new locations, something tells me that someone put it there is a departing gift. So nice.

Like, so sad to see you go. Right?

And no, it wasn’t me.

Thank you very much.

Although the thought of someone else’s whirling that little squirrel carcass in the air to land in the slope of their driveway did cause me to give a little smile.

I was actually disappointed in myself that I hadn’t thought of it.

Next time.


And no, my kids did not do it either. Although they did get a wee bit of enjoyment from the view of the dead squirrel in their driveway.

Let it also be known that no one threw it away for them for all those days. Community has a way of taken care of itself, doesn’t it.

We’ll just say that they didn’t go out of their way to make a lot of friends here.

Such is life.

And, such as death. Because alas, there sits a dead squirrel and it has pasted itself on their driveway for the last three days.

Karma is a bitch.

So, that’s it from the neighborhood front! 

I think it is high time that people clear dead animals from their property lines. But hey, I’m not the fricking neighborhood roadside kill monitor. Right? And, I am certainly NOT the driveway droppings monitor.

Honestly though, I hope they are as happy in their new home. Everybody just wants to be happy.

You know, it only takes one bad apple, right?

Words from my Grandma.

Be well,


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2 responses to “Dead Squirrel Mystery…”

  1. ChicAlert says :

    Such is life….Karma is a bitch. Grandma has a way with words lol.

  2. Don Simkovich says :

    Now squirrels are really cute . . . of course, I can go to the beach and think of other creatures more cute. We have one who likes to get close to us and even hop up on our porch. Of course, I think it’s the same one but we have so many around I don’t know for sure. He’s never told me his name.

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