Life in the Fast Lane . . .

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So, it goes like this . . .


Here in Los Angeles, it is difficult to understand the crap that we have to deal with here.

Not only do we have to deal with smog, our deflating infrastructure, and the occasional bad hair day. We also have to deal with the annoying  traffic that pummels us daily into hypnotic submission.

Miles we drive . . . miles . . . or actually hours  . . . yeah, that’s it.

Hours just to get to the next exit which is only 3/4 mile  away. Yet, here we sit, succumbing to a virtual reality within our only post-pubescent heads.

I survive all of this and look over to see someone digging the frigging Erie Canal in his nose.

Are we not human?

Holy Crap.

And, I can’t even change lanes.

I’m stuck in the fast lane.


Be well,


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One response to “Life in the Fast Lane . . .”

  1. barnoah says :

    Suggestions for fast lane=conjunctiveitis,,Pre=lube all areas to be seated during ordeal {new name}= OPPORTUNITY]=AS WE PLACE THE blessing of our bottom in the front seat ,,insert starting device {in heated =anticipation} of this Opportunity,,Twisting the device to a starting position,,smiley=face ,placing both hand on steering circle[with a leather pad if needed];;now using only BALL OF gently and PROPEL INTO THE “OPPORTUNITY” of Auto=progression{ for short will in future chapters,refer to as “A/p [never say driving,,thats for hitting a ball with a stick;;Guide your machine Diligently ,as if launching from Cape Canaveral;;OF COURSE YOU DID REMEMBER TO BUCKLE UP,,WITHOUT BEING TOLD,,OMG I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE,TAKE A RIGHT AT THE NEXT LIGHT;;{ lOVE,,Mike

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