Mountain Biking in Mammoth

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So, it goes like this . . .


I have to tell you that today was one of the most beautiful days.

It started out being a little testy. I was a little nervous. I hadn’t gone out for a while.

I was afraid that I had lost my edge.

The only way to learn this time in the saddle, and I have been away from my saddle for quite a while.

But, like everything else in life that starts with the first step . . . the first pedal.

Taking it slow. Climb the hill. Enjoy the show of the trees in all their wildness.

And, before I knew it . . . I was flying.

Stones, drops, roots, logs.

No problem.

My momentum back.

I wish you could have been there.

Standing high, then pulling back on the reigns of my bike. My weight turning me instead of my handle bar.

Yes. Back in the groove.

Yes, me, my husband and this glorious mountain.

I will ride you again tomorrow.

Until then, rest until I torture you again, dear hillside. You are mine, and you are smitten.

Hitting the Trail

Hitting the Trail


The Bike and I

The Bike and I


Jim & I in Mammoth

Jim & I in Mammoth

Mammoth Full Access Mountain Biking Pass

Mammoth Full Access Mountain Biking Pass


Y’all come back now, Y’hear?

Be well,


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