Where There is Smoke, There’s Fire . . . (LA Fire Photos)

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So, it goes like this . . .


Where there is smoke there is fire.

Hell, there is so much smoke here now I smell like a summer sausage at a Tuscaloosa Bar-B-Que.

That’s not a nice smell on a woman.

I wish I could say that I took this picture, but I did not. I took some but mine are not as nearly dramatic as this . . . 

Los Angeles Fire from Marina Del Rey

So, here is my own personal photo (Below).

Unfortunately after looking at the two, I don’t think the other one was retouched. Just the timing of the photograph . . . and the fact that I am not a professional photographer. Hello-o?

See those little tiny black buildings in the lower part of my photo?
Those are like 30-story buildings . . . Can you get the enormity of this fire?

It’s astounding.

S. Belle Karper Photo -- LA Fires

Please, have a moment of thought for our dear Fire Fighters.

I, too, live in a fire-prone area.

Yes . . . a moment of silence.

Be well, and wear a mask . . .


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3 responses to “Where There is Smoke, There’s Fire . . . (LA Fire Photos)”

  1. Libby Baker Sweiger says :

    Thanks for keeping us updated with these photos Belle, yes we will keep the firefighters and residents in our thoughts and prayers — including you! Libby

  2. Linda Sherman says :

    That is certainly a dramatic photo from the Marina that you found. May I ask the source? Thank you for sharing that and your own.


    • S. Belle Karper says :

      We are avid mountain bikers and my husband was awed by the photo on a Mountain Biking Forum and sent it to me to compare to my own. My husband thinks that the post had mentioned that the original source was from the Los Angeles Times.

      Be Well,


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