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Where There is Smoke, There’s Fire . . . (LA Fire Photos)

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So, it goes like this . . .


Where there is smoke there is fire.

Hell, there is so much smoke here now I smell like a summer sausage at a Tuscaloosa Bar-B-Que.

That’s not a nice smell on a woman.

I wish I could say that I took this picture, but I did not. I took some but mine are not as nearly dramatic as this . . . 

Los Angeles Fire from Marina Del Rey

So, here is my own personal photo (Below).

Unfortunately after looking at the two, I don’t think the other one was retouched. Just the timing of the photograph . . . and the fact that I am not a professional photographer. Hello-o?

See those little tiny black buildings in the lower part of my photo?
Those are like 30-story buildings . . . Can you get the enormity of this fire?

It’s astounding.

S. Belle Karper Photo -- LA Fires

Please, have a moment of thought for our dear Fire Fighters.

I, too, live in a fire-prone area.

Yes . . . a moment of silence.

Be well, and wear a mask . . .


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