Things have gotten worse . . .

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So, it goes like this . . .


Things have gotten worse.

The other day, I woke up sounding like Demi Moore. 

Scratchy. Sexy . . . with a bit of a Southern Accent.

That was nice.

Made me sound naughty. Though, I have no intention of moving in on Ashton. They are adorable together.

Another score for the Cougars!

Go! Cougars! Go!

Aaaaaah . . .

Yes . . . the memories of Cougar catching the fine young chicken meat . . .

Hmmm . . . I get all warm just thinking about it.

But, I digress.

However . . .

Yesterday, I woke up sounding like Demi Moore’s mother.

Don’t quote me, but I don’t think they “get along.”  Something about alcohol and . . . well, that might put a damper on the old relationship thing.

Yeah, not good.

And, today . . .

Well, today I have woken up sounding like Demi Moore’s Uncle Crank. A distant chain-smoking, pain-in-the-ass pseudo-relative that is bent on trying to break up her and Ashton’s May-September romance.

He’s probably an ass.

So, it’s no compliment, to me . . . Moi . . . I . . . Belle, that I sound like her mother . . .  or worse yet, scary old pseudo-Uncle Crank.

Sounding like Demi Moore with a southern accent was fun . . . for a day or so, until it disintegrated into “weird Uncle Crank.”

No. This is entirely NOT GOOD.

I guess I am going into the doctor on Monday.


I wonder if I am going to need a shot?

I’ve probably done something to deserve it.


Double Bummer.

Be well, and I am frigging determined to get better!

I don’t want to sound like ANY of the Demi Moore Klan anymore.

I want to be me, I tell you.  I want to be me!


Be well,


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