Over 100,000,000 videos on YouTube

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So, it goes like this . . .


Over 100 million videos on YouTube. Think about that.

And that might even be a low number.


Wow. That’s a lot of footage. Oops — Old term — footage.

Wow. That’s a lot it Gigs.

I think it’s amazing that YouTube has come up, and that so many people feel the freedom to be able to express themselves online. Singing. Acting. Reading. Goofing off. Plus, there’s a lot of weird out there, and don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed.

Plus, if I hear the “My-ya-hee, My-ya-hoo” song one more time for my son, I think that a shoot him.

Yes. I know that it’s a very old song, but unfortunately it is stuck in his head and he sings it every single morning.

Let me repeat that — he sings it every single morning.

I haven’t made a video of myself yet for YouTube, but both my kids have and they have so much fun making videos with their friends.

I always know when they’re over and making videos because I can hear them laughing in the other room where they are putting it all together.

The door is closed with a “DO NOT ENTER” sign hastily made with red magic marker. Magic marker. Another old term.

So, I guess I better get on the bandwagon and make a video!

Unfortunately, my laptop… well something has corrupted the sound card so I can’t make a video on that.

I guess I’ll just use this sound card corruption excuse for a while, until I find the balls to make a video for you guys and put it on the net.


Moving on to the next step into the future!


So, y’all come back, now. Ya’ hear?

Be well Dahhhhlings,


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