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Taj Mahal . . .

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So, it goes like this . . .


Yes, there it sits, and here I sit. 

Goddammit. That’s on my friggin’ list of things to do before I die. AND, it’s on the 7 Wonders of the World . . . and, here I sit.


I have a very close Indian friend. She is from India. Not the “Woo-woo/How” kind of Indian. The kind that you get transferred to when you’re calling any 1-800# anymore.

Well, she is absolutely a divine friend of mine. I have known her for the past 17 years.

She knows my dream of wanting to visit the “Taj.” It’s called, “The Tajjjjjj,” by the way. If you say, “Mahal,” well, then you are just “out.” 

So, yes, she knows that I want to go visit “The Tajjjjjjjjjjjjj-Dahhling (I draw it out a little more “j” and throw in a “Dahhling” just to be extra affected!)

She says that even though I am VERY travelled, that I should go with a tour. 

Bodies croaking and bloating so much on the streets. Extreme heat, poverty and illness.

Wow, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Frankly, it sounds like Downtown Los Angeles.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to re-think this whole “Tajjjjjj” thing. God knows that I don’t even want to drive into the city, much less pay thousands of dollars and 20 hours on the plane (each way) to get somewhere that’s just like . . . well, like home.

I think I’ll just tap my Ruby Slippers . . .  and say, “there’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” 

And, here I sit . . . and there it sits . . .  safely at home.

Be well,


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