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The 3.5 Week Outing . . . NJ, PA, MO, IN and IL in General

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So, it goes like this . . .


I have to tell you that this last month has been one of the best in my life.

However, coming from a life such as mine, I have seen both the best and the worst that life has to offer. You may know a little about my history . . . or not.

I have embraced it all fully. The good and the not so good. And, once again, even as I surprise myself, I continue to gather more knowledge and evolve.

There is no end to this living thing, is there?

This has been a month of beautiful professional growth that has been coupled with inspirational personal growth, all of it from the seat of an airplane, shuttle, rental car, taxi, bus, speaker’s podium, stadium, field, park, theatre, book store, museum . . .

Some of my most tender tears spent in the arms of an old dining room chair or my loudest belly laughs drowning out the white noise background of a scheduled event.  

Let’s face it. 

I get around.

And, let’s also face it, that I am not shy about it . . . normally.

Loud and robust is the way I like to live my life.

And, that is the way that people normally find me.

Loud and robust.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So as the days file by, I hope you will indulge me by reading some of the stories that happened along the trip. Some hilarious, and some might break your heart.

Take my hand. I want to share it with you . . .

Because together is a nice place to be.

Be well,


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