Our First Geo Cache Entry . . . Anybody Else Out There?

Okay, this is Belle Karper talking. You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m an author, and well . . . it’s what I do.

I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath. Hurry up, I don’t have all day, baby!

I may have been lame all these years, unknowing that this alter-universe has existed beneath my Southern nose. And, yesterday, on the way into Chicago from Indianapolis, my son and I decided to try this Geo Cache thing.

We did a 1/1, whatever that means, I think it means “EASY.”

Well, we looked at looked at Coxhall Park—A different 1/1, and finally gave up. UGH.

Not so easy for a mother of two spinning downward on a sugar plummet.

Really . . . not pretty.

However, determined we were going to master this little adventure, we promptly drove over to Target and bought a $250 hand held GPS unit. Far be it from me to have something get the best of me. We also bought a PayDay bar to help my glucose level . . . and my attitude.

I digress.

In any event, we loaded the coordinates of “SHAPE UP”, and drove over to meet said coordinates.

Well, once again, we are looking and looking. While simultaneously afraid of getting a vagrancy ticket by a circling police car, we finally sat down to rest.

My son, (brilliant, and he is as beautiful as vanilla ice cream on pecan pie), suggested that we look under . . . (Well, sugar, I just can’t tell you where we looked now, or it would give the whole thing away, now wouldn’t it. But, good for you for trying!)

And, well . . . we looked . . . AND Aaaaah!

I have got to tell you that we almost peed our pants with excitement when we found our first Geo Cache!

Now there was this little ghosty-thing in it, and we have safely tucked it away so that it can get some frequent flyers miles via American Airlines on its way back to Los Angeles. We don’t know how to track it yet, but my son is busy working on that.

We are going to let it go in a future Geo Cache in big, bad L.A.

Now, let me also tell you that my son has the Geo Cache bug . . . BAD.

Thanks a lot, GeoC.

Am I in trouble or what?

Digging this whole new experience!

Consider us bitten.


Be well,


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