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Holy Guaca-Frickin-Mole . . . The Heart Attack Grill

I can’t believe it myself friends, there is actually a restaurant called “The Heart Attack Grill” where they serve you 8000 calorie hamburgers.

This is no lie. This is no joke.

A guy walks around in the restaurant dressed like a doctor (Dr. John — “the American Medical Association does not recognize me”) and he checks your pulse and “vitals.”

They call their customers patients, and they offer a Quadruple Bypass Hamburger literally coating the buns in “good old fashion lard,” Dr. John says.

They don’t want anything healthy on their burgers they don’t serve it with tomato or lettuce — just the fat please!

Don’t expect to get a Diet Coke here.

When the Quadruple Bypass Hamburger is ordered everybody hoots and hollers — this is considered a big event in the restaurant since this is not ordered often. UGH. They call this “a meal worth dying for.”

At the end of the quadruple bypass hamburger, they roll you out in a wheelchair by a voluptuous nurse and a short skirted mini uniform.

If you’re not the faint of heart, then check out The Heart Attack Grill

Be well Dahhhhlings,


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