Sweep me off my feet, please . . .

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So, it goes like this . . .


I feel for you friends that are out there.

You wish that someone great would come along and sweep you off your feet, right?

Well, some days there is just no feet-sweeping. I hate to tell you, but some days are just full of stinky feet.

Men and women alike, I think ultimately, want to find that special someone regardless of whether they have been single most of their life or married. I wish I had good news to report but I don’t. Sometimes you think that you’ll meet some special someone, and then you don’t hear from them and you don’t know why. You didn’t hear from him yesterday, no phone call, no future plans.

Do you want to give up on the fairytale?

Heck no, kids! Persistence, man. You have got to be relentless.

Meeting someone is about as tiring as a full-time job. It’s a numbers game. You may be tempted to compare the people that you met with someone in your past.

Is it right, or fair? To the other person? To you? Would you really want to do the same thing over when you have this second, third, fourth, fifth, seventieth chance? Aren’t there some things that you ultimately want to change? I know it may have seemed perfect in the past, but maybe it was just perfect because it sits in the past. We have a way of idolizing things that we can’t touch anymore.

I understand this, because I am a widow.

I can’t touch my past. They are times when I look at it and I wonder, I really wonder, if it was as perfect as my memory paints it.

And, I have to tell you, that the past was full of wonderful times, but the past was also full of dirty socks, occasional bad breath, and moments when you just wish that you were somewhere else.

So, when you go on the next coffee date with a potential Mr./Ms. Wonderful, give fate a chance.

Let your toes dance on an unknown path of love.

Try someone new, something new, and maybe it won’t be the same as before, but singing in harmony with someone can be awfully pleasing.

Keep shooting for the goal . . . but in the meantime, just enjoy the game.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Be well,


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