BEA New York City 2009 – Installment 2

Hello again Dahhhhlings!

When here’s another entry on the BEA that happened in New York City just a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to give you a rundown of the conference schedule everything began at 8:30 AM like I told you novelist Karin Slaughter gave a beautiful keynote address.

That was followed by our first breakout session that started at 9:30 AM. These panels included:

1. The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass — he spoke about learning techniques to master exceptional impact for your novel writing. These things included how to build captivating heroes, action scenes and the use of micro-tension. He spoke about having passion on every single page. He is releasing his new book by the same name as the panel name above.

2. Putting Flesh on the Bones: How to Write Great Gharacters by N. M. Kelby — this was a panel that was handled by the famous author that has just recently written the Constant Art of Being a Writer due out in September 2009. This panel was created so that you will be able to write memorable characters that your potential editors will love and your readers devour.

3. Get Known Before the Book Deal: a platform primer by Christina Katz. Becoming visible is almost a necessity when landing a book deal anymore, agents and editors expect this in every expertise of the publishing industry her book, known by the same name, issue insight on how to create a successful platform.

4. DIY Publishing: how to publish yourself for greater exposure and success by Jane Friedman. Online community publishing models are free and easy to use, she says, and can help your career began easier than ever. She spoke about popular websites and tools and how to use them in real time.

5. Ask the Editors Panel: several authors brought their questions about writing and publishing to the table for these experts to express their views on. Panelists included Chuck Sambuchino, editor of Guide to Literary Agents;, Alice Pope, editor of Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market; and Jessica Strawser, editor of Writer’s Digest magazine.

That’s it for now, Darlings! Sorry that you missed such a wonderful event, but I thought that this might just give you an idea as to what happened during that time.

Maybe we’ll see each other there next year!

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Be well,


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