To Date or Not to Date

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So, it goes like this . . .


So my friends keep telling me that I need to keep them pumped up because they are ready to chuck it all, throw in the proverbial (et al) towel, and pitch the computer out the window! They have joined over and over again, and are now once again frustrated, now accusing themselves of being lame a$$ “members” and don’t even finish their profile unless they see something worth finishing it FOR. They want help . . .


Help is here.

First off, it’s a numbers game, kids. No first prizes for sore losers! Literally and figuratively. Losers will not get a first prize piece of (you know), so you’ve got to bring something special “to the table.”

Secondly, if you don’ finish your bio – HOW WILL ANYBODY KNOW THAT YOU ARE OUT THERE? Hello?

Thirdly, only consider that maybe a portion of the information is accurate. Most people state what they “want to be” and not often accurately what “they are.” And, as much, they also say things that they think that other people want to hear, but may not be what’s going on inside their head.

Danger — looking inside someone’s head is a scarey place to be. Eeeeek.

Keep those cards and letters coming kids . . . Until next time,

Be well,


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