California State Parks, what?

If you live in California, which I do, and millions of other people do too, I don’t know that you are aware that because of all of the budget cuts that we Californians have been forced to face the fact that one of our most beloved resources is going to be taken advantage of — our California State Parks.

And if you’re like me, one of the great beauties of living in California is the fact that we can go out and hike on most any day of year. Sorry Idaho, etc. It’s a fact. 🙂

One of my most wonderful writing places it in the Conejo Valley where I take a hike and take a notebook and take a pen and take my notes from the inspiration of California’s beautiful trails. Most of these trails are under the direction of the California State Parks.State Park

One of my friends is a Field Deputy for Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, and she has made me aware that the Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget cuts would include the closing of 220 at California State Parks, including state parks in our beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.

Now, some people might find this an okay thing, but there many long term implications that a lot of people haven’t really thought out.

The fact is that once these are closed down, they will basically be left deserted, without any form of maintenance or security. The possibility of these being overrun by vandals, street taggers, and people that just generally like to deface other property is likely. Since there would be no “presence” in these parks, crime would become a normalcy.

The problem is, as I see it, is that the reclamation of these parks after we get the funding situation straightened out, would likely be way more expensive and virtually impossible to re-create the beauty and the natural serenity once “civilization” has overrun it.

Please take a moment to consider our beautiful countryside. You can check out of how to contact our state and voice your concerns through Save State Parks. Also, here is a list of the proposed state parks that are on the chopping block. Send an email (quick link) to voice your thoughts. Your opinion matters!

It’s a tragedy, and I write some of my best work from the view of the California hillside. There are little kids learn the beauty of a ladybug while taking their first steps on a family outing.

These are important things about life, living, cohabitating between civilization and nature.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Be well,


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